in a unique place

Reconcile with your inner light, find yourself again, relaxed, in a peaceful state of mind.  At ADRA, we are proud to offer Yoga lessons given by professional instructors ( teachers),  who will guide you step by step through an  amazing  yoga routine, transforming a simple set of ‘stretches’ into a magical  and transforming experience.


That Change your life

Join in any of our  weekly workshops with a myriad of topics that are focus in bringing the best side of you by creating a positive impact in your life.

Cooking Classes

Discover new flavors

Learn how to make a great ’guacamole’ with the best avocados in the world. Our cooks will show you how to make local dishes  and how to introduce latin flavours into your ordinary culinary knowledge. At ADRA, you will learn new recipes and cooking techniques in a fun and interactive way (Spanish and English)

Social Service

Be the Change, Join

Come and join us in transforming Antigua and the world in a better place.  Join ADRA’s effort by enrolling in our social activities around town;  we are proud to empower communities here in Antigua, organizing  local workshops and by teaching small things in a big way.