Antigua Guatemala

Adra Hostel is in one of the most iconic streets of Antigua, la Calle Real, just two blocks away from the central plaza. It is a classical colonial house from the XVIII century with beautiful architecture and a central patio where you can rest and soak up the sun.

Adra’s objective is to generate a space where differences are respected and where attention and care for others in need is the rule.

With that in mind, we encourage our guests and friends to participate in different  social and volunteering activities around Antigua, where they get to meet likeminded locals and be part of the change.


Are Adra

Adra is a boutique hostel where young and adult travelers live in a beautiful place surrounded by art and culture. No matter who we are or where we come from, in Adra we all see ourselves as equals, without differences and with a common goal: to build a better world, to protect the environment and to reach out to the needy.

Adra is a place for travelers seeking an atmosphere of harmony, community and brotherhood.

A space in which you can relax comfortably and safely, in Adra we also provide an exceptional personalized service.

We Believe

In a better world

Adra is strongly committed to help the environment on a daily basis, by serving only organic produce grown by local communities, by using water saving devices in our showers and sinks, recycling our garbage and using biodegradable products for cleaning purposes.

Adra Hostel is a place for people that think different but that want to create a difference in the world. So come and stay with us, and just Chill!

The Flower

Of Life

The Flower of Life is the pinnacle image of sacred geometry, a symbol that represents the origin of life and reveals in itself the cosmic thread that unites the cosmos with the microcosmos, an intrinsic spiritual pattern in every single cell of every living being. The center of the flower of life represents the universal womb, the place where the eternal fire in our hearts gives forth the flame of life.